Frequently Asked Questions


I have heard that I need to install safety switches and smoke alarms in my home, is this correct?

Yes. The state government has introduced new regulations stating that all NSW homes sold or renewing a lease agreement, must have safety switches and hard wired smoke alarms installed by a licensed electrician or electrical contractor.

What do I need to think about when choosing a ceiling fan?

A few factors to consider when choosing a ceiling fan are:
  • Where it is to be installed
  • The size of the room
  • Is there need for a fan which includes a light
  • The room decor
  • Blade performance needed
  • The location of your house
  • Is a remote control fan needed.

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When should I have an electrical safety check?

Ultra Power Electrical recommend that you should have an electrical inspection carried out if:
  • You are purchasing a property that has been occupied
  • The property is more that 25 years old
  • If it is more that 5 years since one has been done
  • If you are concerned about how any of the equipment may have been installed

My circuit breaker keeps tripping, what should I do?

A tripping circuit breaker could be the result of poor wiring, a faulty circuit breaker or appliance. Call Ultra Power Electrical today on 0412 062 063 to fault find, troubleshoot and resolve this concering issue.

My lights keep blowing, why is this happening?

If your lights are blowing on a regular basis it can be due to a faulty light switch or powerpoint. If this is not the case, then it could be caused by faulty wiring, which requires the services of an licensed electrician to fault find and fix.

I have conventional lights, will LED downlights help?

Definitley yes!

LED downlights are a modern trend that is only increasing over time. LED downlights are proven to last much longer and reduce your energy bills effectively. If your business requires lighting retrofits or you would like to moderninse your homes lighting, that when Ultra Power Electrical steps in.

Will I need new switchboards when installing new air conditioners

It’s possible, depending on the size of your home’s mains cable and the size of the air conditioner you’re installing. To find out, call Ultra Power Electricals experienced Sydney and western suburbs electricians on 0412 062 063 for an inspection.

Who will be sent to my property to complete electrical work?

A qualified, licensed electrician who posses the required skills & experience to complete all electrical works.

Do you have a call out fee?

No, not at all.

This is a great benefit when going with Ultra Power Electrical to sort out your electrical needs. We have eliminated the pesky call out fees which other businesses charge you for unnecessarily.