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New Home Wiring and Electrical
New Home Wiring and Electrical



Our refreshing, innovative and modern approach has led to a long list of happy customers and the development of long-lasting relationships with many clients. As your locally owned and operated electricians, Ultra Power Electrical Services provides a complete range of electrical services for a range of industries such as domestic, commercial, real estate/strata and construction.

We offer electrical installations, repairs, contracting services fоr nеw construction, renovations, and electrical maintenance for real estate/strata properties аnd mаnу оthеr types оf services thrоughоut thе Greater Sydney region.

Whеthеr you have a renovation project оr wоuld likе уоur еntirе house rewired, wе hаvе thе skills, manpower аnd knowledge tо complete уоur job seamlessly аnd еffortlessly. Wе аrе “Dependable and Reliable Electricians.” You’ll rest easy knowing thаt wе аlwауѕ strive to meet your expectations and provide high-standard workmanship while maintaining your budget without cutting corners or providing subpar work.

Wе hаvе established аn impeccable reputation with over 15 years of experience аnd take pride in all оf оur work, you can see for yourself, we have numerous 5 Star testimonials that speak highly of Ultra Power Electrical. So, what are you waiting for? Call our team or schedule your work today to save time and money.

Why Were Highly Rated Electricians

New Home Wiring and Electrical


We love to maximise your cost savings, therefore we provide speedy and FREE online quotations tailored to your needs so you can decide on your options.

New Home Wiring and Electrical


When you choose UPE, you can rest assured that you are saving money with no corners cut which is why we have no call out fees.

New Home Wiring and Electrical


With most electrical issues being naked to the human eye, our electrician while at your property completing other work will conduct a complimentary safety inspection to reveal any hidden issues.

New Home Wiring and Electrical


We have an edge over our competition, with free quotes and no call out fees, we promise minimum costs for maximum effort. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our items, delivering top-notch, long-lasting, and effective materials while being honest and upfront about pricing.

New Home Wiring and Electrical


In a time of need, we are here to set you free of your electrical worries. On time and responding rapidly to your work request, resolving customer urgency is our number 1 priority, your work your schedule.

New Home Wiring and Electrical


All our electricians have dedicated themselves to ensure highest standards of expertise and professionalism in their work, being fully licenced and insured to ensure safety in all of their practises.


At Ultra Power Electrical we understand the difficulties encountered in knowing who to trust when building your new home. That’s why we are always here to help in times of difficulty, you can trust us to maintain your new residential home’s electrical installation and wiring – as experts in the field – our electricians are fully licensed and insured for your safety – powering your home with quality materials.




New Home Wiring and Electrical


New Home Wiring and Electrical


New Home Wiring and Electrical




Building a new house or renovating and need electrical wiring? UPE can help!


New construction from the ground up requires wiring to be done. Our friendly electricians will work with you through each stage, offering expertise and experience from design to installation. We assure our electricians adhere to all required practices and planning, you can trust us to maintain all electrical systems and wiring needs for your new home.

Not only do you need to make sure everything is safe and reliable, but you want every possibility covered for future benefit. Ultra Power Electricals qualified electricians in Sydney and inner western suburbs will work with you closely to make sure you get your new home’s electrical work completed with exceptional absolute customer satisfaction.


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    New Home Wiring and Electrical


    New Home Wiring and Electrical


    New Home Wiring and Electrical


    New Home Wiring and Electrical


    New Home Wiring and Electrical


    New Home Wiring and Electrical


    New Home Wiring and Electrical


    New Home Wiring and Electrical


    New Home Wiring and Electrical




    Understanding New Home Electrical Wiring and Electrical Services


    At Ultra Power Electrical, our qualified electricians specialise in all types of wiring and lighting. Whether you are building your dream home or want to renovate, let us help!

    Ultra Power Electrical offer a tailored and personalised service to fit your criteria and needs – our electrician will conduct a thorough assessment and go through the plan with you to make sure we meet your requirements, ensuring you have all the electrical and lighting for not only now but for the future too.

    Our professional experience in new homes and renovations ensures that wiring your new home can make the difference in efficiency, reliability and quality of life. Let Ultra Power Electrical plan with you and make sure your home or business has the right amount – and practical placement – of electrical and lighting. We’re sure most can relate to having to use different extension cords or power boards. With Ultra Power Electrical, our no-no-sense approach makes life easier with stressful construction and renovations.

    As you may already know, electricity is an integral part of any property, including your house and business. Power is needed to run appliances, maintain a comfortable temperature and get things done overall. At Ultra Power Electrical, we have an extensive advanced understanding of what constitutes residential electrical wiring and how systems work.

    The basic components of wiring

    While every residential building or business premises has its electrical wiring structure, at the core of it all, certain components are the same everywhere. There are a number of basic components, and with that, there are also a number of additional components in a residential building, such as solar systems and EV charging.

    Electrical service entrance

    The electrical service entrance is what brings power from the grid to the house. Therefore, the service entrance, as the name implies, is where the wires connected to the load side of the meter enter the house or building. The service entrance in the residence is commonly thought of as a breaker or fuse box.

    The electric meter

    The service entrance wires all pass through the meter. The electric meter is located on top of the house’s exterior wall or inside the breaker box, and it records the amount of electricity used in the house, so when it comes to paying bills, a more accurate reading of electrical usage is always preferred. The electricity used is measured in kilowatt-hours or kWh. The electric meter may be analog or digital, though most new meters are generally analog.

    Service panel

    Once the electricity enters the house, it needs to be distributed around so it can be used at different outlets for easy access. The service panel – also called the breaker box or the circuit breaker panel, provides electricity to various circuits in the house, and each circuit usually controls one aspect of the house, such as lighting or hot water systems. So, the power comes from the electrical service entrance, passes through the electric meter, and is then distributed by the service panel. At UPE, we are committed to your safety, so, for your switchboard, we only install quality and reliable breakers that also act like safety switches.

    The service panel also contains the main breaker, which cuts off the power being distributed around the house, though some residential properties have a disconnect switch meant specifically to cut the power in case of emergencies.

    Outlets, switches, and devices

    The rest of the electrical distribution is done with the help of outlets that are strategically placed throughout the house. The power in the outlets is controlled by switches that help turn on or off the electricity as and when needed. Finally, devices refer to all the electrical appliances connected to the power, like lights, microwaves, dishwashers, computers, etc.

    UPE always ensures there are adequate several fail-safes in place to prevent accidents related to electricity. With our extensive knowledge of electrical components throughout a residential building, you can count on us to provide the best electrical wiring and installations that you can count on.


    New Home Wiring and Electrical
    New Home Wiring and Electrical
    New Home Wiring and Electrical
    New Home Wiring and Electrical

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