8 Facts About Electricians Inner West That Will ‘Shock’ You!

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Facts about electricians inner west : When the time comes to find an electrician, that’s when you usually realise how reliant we are on electricity, from day to day, we use electricity in almost every single way, and as time goes on, it is becoming more extensive to have electricity available for many different activities. To understand an electricians duty, we have to go more in-depth and assume the role and context of their work. We all wish to have electricians who provide a range of electrical services that enhance and improve our lives and comfort levels.

Here we have 8 facts about electricians inner west and in Sydney that will ‘Shock’ you (Not literally.. or maybe?)

1. Colour Blindness Test

To start of facts about electricians inner west and Sydney, we have to understand that electricians have to pass a colour blindness check. This is because of coloured wires that come with the job of being an electrician. Knowing the correct colour wire to cut is crucial for an electrician. Any mistakes can cause indefinite harm to the electrician or people around. Not many people know this, but as an electrician, it is crucial to be able to spot colours and their distinctiveness.

2. To Become a Master Electrician, You Must Learn Almost as Long as Doctors

You might not know this but it takes about 7-8 years of studying to become a master electrician, this is similar to how long it takes a doctor and surgeon to finish their studies. The studying aspect is a long time indeed, however, to be a master electrician you must be able to apply the knowledge gained in perspective and when on your feet. The skills that come along with a master electrician is essential and beneficial, you may know the words but do you know the skill? That’s why we ensure that our electricians are suitable for you, as they contain the crucial knowledge and the required skill to utilise it.

3. Being an Electrician is Not a Lazy Job

Many of the jobs and tasks provided by electricians are very tiring and intense. Some of the many tough tasks that electricians have to do daily are carrying their heavy bags filled with all their tools, climbing ladders, scaffolds or poles, crawling through tight spaces, drilling through hard objects and digging holes, standing for a long period of time and the list goes on. Being an electrician does not mean you can slack off, that’s why it is crucial that you are in contact with the right electrician who must be licensed, because if they are not, you could risk serious harm due to unprofessional attributes by the electrician. As inner west & covering all of Sydney, we ensure to have certified and licensed electricians at your doorstep or office, we don’t believe in unlicensed electrical work!

4. Being an Electrician Can Damage Your Health

As pointed out in the previous fact, electricians are entitled and required to carry all these heavy objects and go through tight spaces or while going through tight spaces, performing all these tasks on a daily basis can really harm someone’s health. Bending or twisting a body daily can build up major problems that can or will contribute to long term damage. This will deter the ability to carry out any more services. That’s why it is important to follow electrical safety from organisations and industries such as Safe Work Australia, outlining electrical safety.

5. There are Select Common Tools Every Electrician Must Have

The most common and essential tools that every electrician must have should be a screwdriver, nut driver, pliers, measuring tape, utility knife, multi-meter, voltage tester, circuit finder, fish tape and a torch. These tools are all common for any type of task whether in a residential space or commercial sector. Electricians also must be fully equipped for most or all jobs that may come up or be a part of urgent nature. As inner west and Sydney electricians, we make sure to have our vans and vehicles fully equipped with state of the art equipment and materials to ensure we cover a range of electrical services, we take into account the possibilities of unsafe electrical discoveries during home/office during investigations to rectify the issues right then and there, not having to go back and forth is convenient for you and us.

6. Problem Solving is Part of the Job – An important facts about electricians inner west and Sydney

Problem-solving is an important skill to have while being as the profession of an electrician. This interesting facts about electricians inner west, states that ,any jobs and tasks electricians perform on a daily basis require a substantial level of problem thinking. Many electrical jobs don’t have the problem really apparent, this is when problem-solving has to come in and electricians have to evaluate the problem to try and fix it within due time hassle-free. This certainly plays a huge role in identifying other issues that may not have been part of the main issue requested in the first place, which can profoundly save time and money.

7. Can You believe that Some of Your Favourite Celebrities Were Electricians Before their Fame

You may not know this but many of the top celebrities were actually electricians before their success and fame, which is indeed ‘shocking’ (get the pun?). An example of this is Elvis Presley otherwise know as the ‘The king of rock’ who was actually training to be an electrician before his acting and singing days. Rowan Atkinson or famously known as ‘Mr Bean’ actually has a master degree in Electrical engineering before going on the route of comedy and acting. This can be strange, but is really interesting to see how being an electrician or studying to be one has transferrable skills into other professions such as critical thinking and problem-solving, oh, and most importantly, friendliness, because we don’t think you just deserve the best electrical services, but the best electrician who provides them.

8. What various skills are required To Be a Great Electrician

Congratulations, now that you have read through most of the facts about electricians inner west & Sydney Regions, to be a great electrician you must be able to have a good understanding and acquire many of these skills. The main qualities and skills an electrician must have should be great communication skills with the person you’re working for, providing them with comfort and info to keep them up to date with the job. Other skills that electricians should have are dependability to show up on time and provide a great outcome, having great time management will ensure that the job will go according to plan without any problems, independent problem solving and attention to detail to provide the best outcome is also something that is necessary to get the job done.

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