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You will really enjoy doing business with us! Fast, reliable and professional electrical services done by our electrical contractor at a competitive price. We save you time and money. Interested? Check out our photos and get in touch with us, we are happy to provide tailored electrical services because you deserve the Ultra Power Electrical ULTRA Experience.

Finding companies near you

To find the right electrician or electrical contractor, the first step to take is the most important requirement – that they are local and near you. To find local electricians in Sydney that offer the best electrical services exceeding professionalism is surely difficult… right? No! Ultra Power Electrical has provided time and time again that our standards exceed the competition, we offer the best out there with our licensed electrical contractors who are fully certified and insured to get the job done!

To find local businesses near you, it can be done with a simple search. It is likely that a significant number of local businesses will turn up in Sydney who is stated to provide the right kind of service you wish to have. The trick here is to tell which is the gem from the duds. That’s, where Ultra Power Electrical steps in and potentially, saves you from some otherwise unlicensed, uncertified or possibly not insured electricians! who will most likely charge a call-out fee… and you guessed it… we don’t charge call-out fees! another benefit when going with us.

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Check out the reviews – Electrical Contractors

Another crucial step to figuring out whether you have researched the right electrician is to check out the reviews of the business to determine whether they are really up to the task. Basically, the business gets put to the test, by gaining insight to how the business has conducted in the past and how the electrical contractors have provided the service, really sets the tone for the entire business and if they are right for you.

Typically, Google is the best place to potentially figure out which is the right business for you. Many customers and clients will use google to rate their experience with a particular electrical contractor or company if stated otherwise.

The ultimate verdict, we understand that you have a lot of companies and businesses to choose from when it comes to domestic electricians, commercial electricians, electrician inner west, industrial electricians and maintenance. That’s why we strive to make that decision easy at Ultra Power Electrical by providing quality electrical services and innovative solutions every step of the way!

You don’t have to be concerned about reviews when choosing us… We are rated 5 Stars!

Commercial electrical services with switchboard testing and services

What our Electrical Contractors provide

Ultra Power Electrical services consists of highly qualified, experienced electricians who can assist with all your electrical needs. Our business is locally owned and operated, we have many years of experience wheter it be working for a residential builder, commercial and industrial customers or home owners, we are determined and strive to meet our customers expectations and go above and beyond every time.

General Electrical

Lights, Powerpoints, Ceiling & Exhaust fans, Dimmers, Sensors, New Circuits, Safety Switches, Stoves, Ovens, Cooktops and much more!

Fault finding and Repair

Faulty plug-in devices can cause safety switches to trip. Try unplugging any devices connected to the circuit, if it still trips give us a call and we will handle it swiftly. However, don't put it off, it may cause serious bodily harm if electricity starts leaking into the earth, and if you didn't have the RCD, it may cause serious harm. Circuit breakers trip from overloading or short circuits. If your circuit is tripping you may have a fault or need a new circuit installed.

Safety and protection

Safety Switches - A residual current device (otherwise known as RCD) or commonly known as 'Safety switch' is used as a preventive method in an event of an electrical fault which can save lives, it is mandatory at this current stage that all homes should be equipped by safety and protection measures. Smoke Alarms - It is necessary that all NSW homes have at least one working smoke alarm installed on each level of their home. This also includes commercial sites and offices, which have other regulations covering electrical aspects and smoke alarms. Surge Protection - Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) provide limitation of transient over-voltages caused by power line disturbances and by natural events such as lightning strikes. They are a good idea if you have sensitive electronic equipment and live in an area prone to lightning.


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Our commitment to our motto ‘Complete Electrical Services’ ensures that we cover anything electrical, air, appliance, data, aerials, fault finding and much more. We are fully equipped with the right tools and materials, certified, licensed and insured to provide a friendly experience and meet the frequent exceed of our customer’s expectations