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Electrician Parramatta



    Electrician Parramatta


    Life without electricity is almost unimaginable. We know how your life gets disrupted when there’s a power failure. If you need a Parramatta electrician who can swiftly resolve electrical problems, you have come to the right place!

    Our refreshing, innovative and modern approach has led to a long list of happy customers and the development of long-lasting relationships with many clients. We are a locally owned and operated professional electrical company in Sydney committed to attaining 100% customer satisfaction. Our experts will promptly arrange the right fixes in a safe and affordable manner! As your locally owned and operated electricians, Ultra Power Electrical Services provides a complete range of electrical services for a range of industries such as domestic, commercial, real estate/strata and construction.

    We offer electrical installations, repairs, contracting services fоr nеw construction, renovations, and electrical maintenance for real estate/strata properties аnd mаnу оthеr types оf services thrоughоut thе Greater Sydney region.

    Whеthеr you have a renovation project оr wоuld likе уоur еntirе house rewired, wе hаvе thе skills, manpower аnd knowledge tо complete уоur job seamlessly аnd еffortlessly. Wе аrе “Dependable and Reliable Electricians.” You’ll rest easy knowing thаt wе аlwауѕ strive to meet your expectations and provide high-standard workmanship while maintaining your budget without cutting corners or providing subpar work.

    Wе hаvе established аn impeccable reputation with over 15 years of experience аnd take pride in all оf оur work. You can see for yourself, we have numerous 5 Star testimonials that speak highly of Ultra Power Electrical. So, what are you waiting for? Call our team or schedule your work today to save time and money.

    Why Were Highly Rated Electricians

    Electrician Parramatta


    We love to maximise your cost savings, therefore we provide speedy and FREE online quotations tailored to your needs so you can decide on your options.

    Electrician Parramatta


    When you choose UPE, you can rest assured that you are saving money with no corners cut which is why we have no call out fees.

    Electrician Parramatta


    With most electrical issues being naked to the human eye, our electrician while at your property completing other work will conduct a complimentary safety inspection to reveal any hidden issues.

    Electrician Parramatta


    We have an edge over our competition, with free quotes and no call out fees, we promise minimum costs for maximum effort. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our items, delivering top-notch, long-lasting, and effective materials while being honest and upfront about pricing.

    Electrician Parramatta


    In a time of need, we are here to set you free of your electrical worries. On time and responding rapidly to your work request, resolving customer urgency is our number 1 priority, your work your schedule.

    Electrician Parramatta


    All our electricians have dedicated themselves to ensure highest standards of expertise and professionalism in their work, being fully licenced and insured to ensure safety in all of their practises.




    In search of an electrician in Parramatta? Need reliable, cost-effective solutions to your electrical needs. You’ve arrived at the right place, Ultra Power Electrical is your premier Sydney electrician who provides professional, friendly and reliable electrical services for Parramatta.

    Our electricians are certified and insured for peace of mind, we utilise the best tools of the trade and strategies to ensure efficiency.

    When you need an electrician, it is always essential that you find a 5-star and affordable electrician in Parramatta. It can be hard to filter through the inevitable no-shows and overpriced businesses. That’s why we make it easy and convenient for you by providing upfront, honest pricing quotes and ensuring that your needs are met with expertise and excellent workmanship. The greater Sydney region is a large place, and Parramatta is a large city. It is also a very family-friendly but lively community with a lot of great events like Parramatta Lanes that suit young families and professionals.

    With that being said, as your go-to electrician, we are on standby to dispatch our electrician. After we provide you with a free quote and you accept, we prioritise your work request so that you get a rapid response from our electrician.

    We look forward to serving you soon! Call 0412 062 063 to schedule your electrical services with our electrician, or simply email [email protected] your work details so we can get back to you with a free quote.

    Electrician Sydney

    5 – Star Electricians, Check Out Our Reviews

    Electrician Parramatta

    Electrician Parramatta

    Electrician Parramatta


    $ 50 .00 OFF

    Your next electrical service with us when you book your job online or by SMS. Please click the button below to view the offer.



    Electrician Parramatta


    We are friendly electrical experts who understand that you want a professional and licensed electrician working in your home. We understand that you need cost-effective and reliable solutions. Our promise to you is to deliver exceptional electrical services that will be sure to leave a smile on your face.

    Electrician Parramatta


    Our experience in new homes is abundant. We have provided countless electrical designs and provided a number of new home wiring electrical services for builders and developers. Ultra Power Electrical is your one-stop shop for anything electrical.

    Electrician Parramatta


    Whether you are looking for real estate/strata electrical maintenance, or even commercial small or large electrical services, we do it all, count on us to get the job done right the first time at competitive rates.


    We are covid safe!

    Ultra Power Electrical constantly checks and incorporates safety and health standards provided by the government. Rest assured that our electricians and tradespeople comply with health and safety mandates and policies to keep you and your family safe. To learn more, please click the link below to be redirected to the NSW government’s website regarding covid 19 rules.

    Our Electrical Services


    Out of date and inefficient lighting? Talk to us to upgrade your lighting today!


    Switches control a range of necessities in life, such as lighting, contact us today for your switch needs.


    Recently bought a spa? Call us today for your indoor or outdoor powerpoint needs.


    Don’t risk having a faulty switchboard, upgrade yours to meet NSW electrical safety regulations and have extra safety.


    Looking to re-wire your home or just need new wiring? We are your wiring experts, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

    And So Much More!


    Can I do electrical work myself?

    Not at all! Firstly, it is unsafe to perform electrical work yourself if you are not qualified and any contact with wiring or other electrical items poses a risk to your health, family and friends, and second, it may be unlawful to do so as per state legislation.

    Do you offer free quotes?

    Yes! When you contact us, we weigh two options, if your work can be quoted without needing a visit and sufficient information is supplied, we will provide you with a free quote via SMS or email. If your work is urgent and requires a visit, we will provide an estimated quote via SMS or email so you can get an idea of the relevant charges/rates and when you are happy to proceed, we will dispatch your friendly and professional electrician ASAP.

    Do you have a call-out fee?

    No! Once you have accepted our quote provided via SMS or Email (if a complimentary visit is required, we will let you know), we will schedule your work and provide you with any more information. However, we do require work to exceed a minimum amount to provide a quote as per our terms and conditions.

    Electrical Services Parramatta

    We stick to our motto, ‘Complete Electrical Services’. You can trust Ultra Power Electrical electricians in Parramatta to come equipped for your work and eliminate the need to constantly visit by offering a wide range of services. We provide a wide range of services, including and not restricted to

    • Lighting
    • Switches installation and upgrade
    • Power Points (external and internal, higher output and much more)
    • LED downlight installation and upgrade
    • Oyster Light installation and upgrade

    And so much more. Not sure if we can do your job? Don’t hesitate to ask.

    Lighting Parramatta

    Is out-of-date lighting impacting your energy bill? Or are you just looking to upgrade your lighting for the looks and design of it all? We understand that having great lighting is a must, and not only that, with efficient LED lights, you can save more money to pay for things that you want. Call or email us today to speak to our lighting experts to see what we can do for you.

    Switchboard Parramatta

    Each year Australians are killed in homes where electrical accidents could have been prevented. Even more, they are hospitalised with serious electrical injuries and burns. Many of these could have been prevented if safety switches had been installed in their house.

    Preventable accidents with tragic consequences:

    • a child inserting an implement into a toaster
    • a handyman drilling into a live cable inside a wall
    • stormwater leaking through a roof and into lights and appliances

    Avoid tragedy and have a safety switch installed in your home. Ultra Power Electrical is the one to call when you need to upgrade or repair your switchboard. We are committed to helping homeowners stay safe and be well. We conduct a series of safety checks of your home’s switchboard to ensure that it is in line with safety standards imposed by the government. Unsafe switchboards can lead to fire, electric shock and potentially death. Your Ultra Power Electrical electrician will discuss with you any electrical safety issues requiring urgent attention and things you might like to consider for the future.

    From January 2019, safety switches became mandatory on all circuits in new homes. They are designed to cut the power to an electrical circuit in the event of an electric shock. Safety switches on all circuits in the switchboard will increase the overall safety of the home.

    Smoke Alarm Parramatta

    Whilst more and more houses are compliant when it comes to Smoke Detectors being installed, it is vital that they are fully operational. Ultra Power Electrical can supply high-quality photoelectric smoke detectors, either hard wired or with a backup battery, to Australian Standards at competitive prices.

    Contact Ultra Power Electrical to install your Smoke Detectors, you will sleep a little easier knowing that your house is fully compliant and that your family has the assurance of fully operational smoke detectors.


    Our electricians are experts in the trade, with over 15+ years of experience. You can trust that your Parramatta electrician has the expertise and knowledge to get the job done. With over 100+ 5-star reviews praising our friendly and professional Parramatta electricians, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

    Our 8 Promises To You

    Experienced Electricians

    With more than 15+ years of experience, you can rest assured that our assigned electrician has the technical expertise and know-how to complete your work beyond our highest standards. Relying on an experienced electrician isn’t optional, but certain when choosing UPE.

    Upfront Fixed Honest Pricing

    Our commitment is to provide cost-effective electrical services while maintaining our no none-sense bs free quotes that aren’t riddled with hidden costs. Upfront, honest pricing is one thing you can expect when choosing UPE.

    Friendly and Courteous

    With a smile right at your doorstep, our electricians are professionals whilst maintaining a friendly and courteous attitude. We understand the frustrations that come with electrical issues and are here to help.

    High Quality Materials

    Our tailored quotes may include, upon request, different levels of quality to suit any budget. We have it all if you prefer standard materials that are just as or even, in some instances, better quality rather than name-branded materials that have features you don’t require.

    Rapid Response

    By responding quickly and efficiently to your electrical concerns, we can put you at ease in no time so you can move on with your daily activities. Upon receiving your work request, we provide a quote in no time, when you need us most, we are here to help

    Licensed and Insured

    Peace of mind in our electricians, you can trust them to be qualified, licensed and insured for your safety. We are dedicated to providing exceptional services so in saying that, our assigned electrician is screened and background

    Easy Payment Options

    We have multiple payment options to suit your preferences. Our electricians actively carry payment terminals to accept major cards such as MasterCard and visa. Examples of payment options include cash, tap, insert card, invoice, and manual entry.

    Workmanship Guarantee

    Workmanship guarantee ensures that all products installed are done so at the highest level to eliminate break-downs or errors. If you ever encounter an issue with a product installed, you will be covered by a labour and manufacturer warranty.*


    Our electricians are some of the best out there, we only use high-quality materials and ensure that your premises are left neat and tidy upon completion. With our honest upfront pricing, free quotes and no call-out fees, you can rest assured that you are saving time and money. Contact us today, you don’t want to miss out.

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    Trusted in Your Home and Business

    From lighting to re-wiring, Ultra Power Electrical are the best electricians Sydney has to offer.

    Electrician Parramatta
    Electrician Parramatta
    Electrician Parramatta
    Electrician Parramatta
    Electrician Parramatta
    Electrician Parramatta