Awesome Electrical Upgrade for Kitchens

electrical upgrades for kitchen area

We all love to eat right? The kitchen is the very heart of every home. It’s a place where family members come together to eat, celebrate, create and share to enjoy each other’s company. By today’s statistics, it is somewhat known that renovations in the kitchen area are the leading home upgrades done by homeowners. Whether you intend to sell your home and increase the value of your home, or to simply improve the sophisticated appearance of your kitchen, if you wish to start your electrical kitchen renovations or electrical upgrade, don’t start without these amazing upgrades.


As time goes by, it is becoming more common to have data ports in areas such as kitchens. A data port is a small wall outlet that somewhat resembles a telephone jack that delivers internet services to sophisticated locations such as halls, residence and much more. According to statistics, on average, about 3 billion USB ports are shipped globally every year! this outrageous number nearly accounts for half of the world’s population. Fun fact, it is very likely that the device you are currently using requires some sort of USB connection to juice up. USB cables are becoming much more common these days, similarly, to traditional electrical plug outlets and the plugs themselves. There is no shred of a doubt why USB data wiring has been suspected to become a modern approach relating to kitchen electrical systems for the next few years. It is unclear whether adding data ports and USB outlets will increase your home value, additionally, the ability to plug in your mobile, home phones, Ipad and other electrical devices without an adapter will be remarkably useful for numerous years to come.


Even the most modern homes built by the best builders have kitchen spaces that can seem somewhat lacking in the lighting department. If you have recently knocked that wall down to increase the area of your kitchen space, you have probably experienced the lack of lights feeling, this, in fact, isn’t a great feeling because you believe something is missing. Adding accent lighting in frequently used places such as in the major walkways, over the kitchen table, stove or cabinets will bring a sense of warmth and openness to your home. As you may already know, electrical upgrade to lights isn’t easy when considering the factors to think about, such as lumen output, affordability and value, efficiency, and so on… recessed downlights are the most viable option for walkways that are heavily used and areas that are task-oriented such as oven, stove, countertops, and benchtops. Our recommendation is to use 6” recessed downlights with reflectors for heavily used walkway areas, and 2-4” directional recessed downlights as an accent light over the stove and benchtops. If you want to read a comprehensive guide on how much it costs to install recessed lighting, please click here.


Your kitchen’s lighting should be some of the brightest throughout your home, however, having the ability to reduce light output may come in handy when you have had a tiresome long day or planning to have dinner with the one you love. Having multiple bulb types allows wall dimmers to be pair, including LED and CFL. Keep in mind that in order to have dimmable lights, the bulb itself should be able to be dimmed down and paired with a dimmable wall switch.


This type of upgrade differs from the others, it is officially known as ground fault circuit interrupters and was made compulsory in 2014 regulating all newly built or remodelled homes. This type of plug is a safety measure, it monitors the flow of electricity and trips the circuit, reducing or completely cutting the electrical flow, in cases where it senses electrical fault. By updating your electrical outlets to GFCI circuits, it will definitely improve the electrical safety of your home and may increase the market value of your property.

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen or homes electrical aspect for personal pleasure, or to make it more presentable on the housing markets, according to each of these tips and upgrades, it will improve the kitchens appearance, safety, and utility in a differing way. Just a word of caution, it is illegal (and unquestionably unsafe) to perform the electrical work yourself, all electrical upgrades and installations must be carried out by a licensed, qualified and certified electrician. Our electricians will not only know how to follow current safety regulations but also able to professionally direct and advise on the correct arrangements and placements of lighting, plugs, circuits and switches. A professional understands what’s new and exciting on the market and can easily provide tailored or customize your kitchens electrical requirements to suit you and your family’s distinctive lifestyle and taste.

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